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Java can be defined as a programming language and a computing platform. Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented, Concurrent and runtime environment. It is a fast, secure and reliable option and which produces software for multiple programs. The popular programming language has been used in a pool of domains such as IT, financial services, banking, stock market, big data, retail, IT, android, etc.

C++, Java both are object-oriented programming languages but they differ from each other in a list of ways. The major difference is that they have different design goals.

A short on the basic comparison between C++ and Java

  1. Memory management
  2. Inheritance
  3. Runtime error detection mechanism
  4. Libraries
  5. Program handling
  6. Type semantics
  7. Portability
  8. Polymorphism

When compared with programming languages Java has many major advantages, so it is widely accepted and has become a language of choice. Java is a platform-independent programming language and it uses the concept of bytecode. It is very easy to learn, write, compile and debug.

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Reasons to learn Java programming language

Java the most popular programming language gains strength every passing day. When thinking of why one should learn Java programming language, here are the top reasons for it

  • It is very easy to learn
  • It is an object-oriented programming language
  • It is a platform-independent programming language
  • Most importantly Java has rich API
  • Java platform has several powerful tools like Eclipse, Netbeans
  • It has a great collection of open source libraries
  • Java is lucky enough to have a strong and thriving community support.
  • Java is the best programming language in terms of opportunities, development and community support.
  • Java has excellent document support

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