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artificial intelligence course in bangalore

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What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, not just machine especially computer systems. It is a wide range branch of ever-growing computer science concerned with designing smart machines. These smart machines act like human beings. Now AI has become a significant part of the technology industry. In the broad sense, the AI is broadly classified into two, weak Ai and strong AI. In week AI/narrow AI the system is designed to perform a particular task. Artificial Intelligence Training Bangalore Whereas in the case of a strong AI, the system is integrated with human cognitive abilities. The AI has numerous applications in various fields in today’s world like automation, robotics, machine learning, medical diagnosis, agriculture, aviation, etc. at Artificial Intelligence Training Bangalore

Why do you need to get trained in AI?

The demand for AI experts is growing at a tremendous rate. Nowadays almost every industry is making use of AI technology for many reasons. If you want to equip yourself with the skills demanded by the AI industry, join for AI certification program at SMEC Bangalore, the best machine learning institute in Bangalore India.

How SMEC Bangalore, help you?

SMEC Bangalore is committed to providing quality AI experts competent enough to meet the requirements of the ever growing AI industry. SMEC Labs provides flexible timings to our students according to their comfort and convenience.

Key features

  • Expert faculty-led on the job training
  • Project works
  • Certification programme
  • Flexible schedule
  • 100% job assistance
  • Individual assessment
machine learning training in bangalore
ai training in bangalore
ai course in bangalore
  • Artificial Intelligence training
  • Techniques used for AI
  • Python Basics
  • Getting started with Python
  • Variables, Lists, Vectors, Matrices & Arrays
  • Control Structures – If else, for and while loop
  • Functions & Subroutines
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Commonly used predefined function in Python
  • Mathematical Computation in Python
  • Miscellaneous Functions & their applications
  • Linear Algebra required for Artificial Intelligence
  • Getting started with PANDAS, QUANDL AND THEANO
  • Applications of Fuzzy Logic
  • Problem Formulation, Defuzzification & Rule base
  • Membership Functions
  • Defuzzification Methods
  • MAMDANI & SUGENO Methods
  • Tipping Problem Analysis
  • Fuzzy Clustering
  • Fuzzy C Means Clustering
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Getting Started with Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning Introduction & Examples
  • Unsupervised Learning Introduction & Examples
  • Working with Linear Regression Problems in Python
  • Gradient Descent Algorithm for Linear Regression
  • Multivariate Linear Regression Housing Prizes Prediction
  • Logistic Regression Introduction and use cases
  • Working with Genetic Algorithm
  • Getting started with Genetic Algorithm
  • Reproduction, Crossover & Mutation
  • Roulette Wheel method of selection
  • Fitness Function
  • Working with GA Examples
  • Optimization using GA
  • Clustering
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • PCA Applications and use cases
  • PCA Implementation
  • Working with Best Mean Fitting
  • Single Line as Hypothesis Training
  • Using THEANO for best mean fitting
  • Introduction to Network Architecture & Neuron
  • Designing Neural Network Model
  • Model Representation Methods
  • Single Layer Neural Network
  • Weights & Activation Functions
  • Multilayer Neural Network Architecture
  • Gradient Descent Algorithm
  • Working with theano & Python
  • Training Straight line hypothesis
  • Backward Propagation Training
  • Delta method and Gradient Descent
  • Introduction to SVM
  • Concept of Support Vector Machine
  • Working with scikit learn library
  • SVM Parameters
  • Using Support Vector for Classification
  • Using Support Vector for Regression
  • Character recognition using SVM
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Understanding & Generation
  • Using NLTK for extracting data
  • Naive Baiyes Method
  • Sentiment Analysis Example
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Artificial Intelligence Training Bangalore Features

Industry Best Faculties

According to SMEC Labs Bangalore, faculty is our forte

Tailored Course Curriculum

Our course module is tailored according to the demands of the ever-growing industry.

Job Oriented
The job oriented training offered at SMEC Labs Bangalore would land you with your dream job offer.

Placement Assistance

Candidates get placement assistance from our expert team.

Lifetime Access

Once you register for a course at SMEC, you will get lifetime access to all branches of SMEC in the country to refresh the course.

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